We know, we know…. you’ve heard it all before.

You and your team have built a reputation over years, and every day, people like us call your phone—looking for a piece of it.

We could tell you that we’ll be more responsive, that you’ll like working with us much better, and that we will give you a commission plan just as good if not better than any of our competitors – but pretty much everyone out there says the same kinds of things, don’t they?

We could talk about our relationship with MTF and the immediate access that could give you, how many hospitals and GPOs have established agreements with MTF, and how many doors that alone could open for you – but we’re sure you already know that.

We could even tell you that we’re reliable, that our phones are never turned off, that when it comes to commercial folks with orthobiologics technical knowledge, we’re as good as they come. That we came up through great companies where we learned from the best, and that we’re wired to give you the support that you need when you need it—basically like the perfect in-laws: there when you need us, and out of town the rest of the time.

Sure, we could tell you all these things —but we’d much rather show you.

And you know what?  So would you.


How long will it take for you to hear back from us?
Let’s find out…