Let’s Make Business Personal Again.

We know, we know…. you’ve heard it all before.

You and your team have built a business and a reputation over years, and every day, people like us call your phone—looking for a piece of it.

We could tell you that we work with distributors and reps all over the country that are just like you—people who are fed up with Big Company politics and Big Company treatment.  People who feel like they’re a small cog in a large machine—functionally necessary, but insignificant when it really matters. 

We would probably explain to you that we, too, were tired of working for Big Companies and that we founded Kolosis because we wanted to do things differently.  That we wanted to create a company that would never say, “It’s just business” but instead one that actually Partners with its distributors and reps.   But that would probably sound like pie in the sky, wouldn’t it?

We could talk about our relationship with MTF and the immediate access that could give you. How many hospitals and GPOs have established agreements with MTF—and how many doors, that alone, could open for you.

We could also tell you that our phones are never turned off—that rolling up our sleeves and being obsessively responsive to your needs is just a typical day for us.   That we have best-in-class technology to offer and a commission plan just as good if not better than our competitors too.  But pretty much everyone out there says the same kinds of things, don’t they?

Sure, we could tell you all these things —but we’d much rather show you.

And you know what? So would you.

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