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February 1, 2021

Kolosis BIO and MTF Biologics Announce Launch of Kore Fiber™

Salt Lake City, Utah, February 1, 2021

Kolosis BIO, LLC (Kolosis) announced today, in collaboration with MTF Biologics (MTF), the market release of Kore Fiber™, an exclusively processed demineralized cortical fiber allograft for Kolosis.

Dr. Anthony Russo, of Montana Orthopedics in Butte, Montana stated, “The aseptic processing methods coupled with the fantastic handling characteristics of Kore provide an excellent option for bone grafting. I am a believer in the power of MTF allografts to help accelerate bone healing for my patients.” Dr. Russo was the first surgeon nationwide to implant Kore and incorporate the tissue into his practice.

Kolosis President and Chief Executive Officer Collin Begley noted, “We are extremely excited to launch Kore Fiber with MTF Biologics. Based on our commercial experience in bone grafting technologies, especially with MTF processed tissues, we see the enormous potential of this tissue form to capture significant market share in the cortical fiber space. Kore is an aseptically-processed, 100% cortical bone matrix with tremendous handling characteristics. Extensive pre-launch testing confirms Kore’s dynamic spectrum of growth factors; attributes which are essential for promoting and accelerating bone healing. We could not be more excited to add Kore Fiber to our exclusive MTF portfolio of bone graft tissues, which also includes Prime HD®, a pre-hydrated cortical graft.”

Chief Executive Officer of the MTF Biologics Joe Yaccarino commented, “Our long-term commercial experience with the team at Kolosis has proven to be extremely successful for MTF, and we’re proud to launch Kore as an extraordinary graft option to tissue recipients.”

The release of Kore Fiber includes the launch into both spinal and orthopedic applications and is available in four different sizes of moldable fiber and three sizes of strips.

About Kolosis BIO:

Kolosis BIO is a leading provider of innovative biologic solutions, dedicated to commercializing cutting-edge technologies and delivering market-leading products to the orthopedic industry. As a pure-play biologics company, Kolosis BIO exclusively partners with MTF Biologics to offer superior quality bone graft technologies such as Kore Fiber, a 100% cortical fiber allograft and Prime HD, a pre-hydrated DBM. These allografts are backed by MTF’s proprietary aseptic processing methods that optimally preserve matrix structures and osteoinductive properties.

As the company looks to the future, Kolosis is dedicated to driving innovation in the biologics field, expanding its product offerings and pushing the boundaries of science to enhance patient outcomes. With a focus on relentless execution and bold technologies, Kolosis BIO endeavors to become a leading force in the biologics market. For more information, please visit

About MTF Biologics:

MTF Biologics is a global nonprofit organization that saves and heals lives by honoring donated gifts, serving patients and advancing science. They provide unmatched service, resources, and expertise to donors and their loved ones who give the gift of donation, people who depend on tissue and organ transplants, healthcare providers, and clinicians and scientists.

The International Institute for the Advancement of Medicine (IIAM), a Division of MTF Biologics, honors donors of non-transplantable organs by providing their gifts to the medical research community to combat and cure diseases. Statline, also a Division of MTF Biologics, provides specialized communications and technology expertise to organ, tissue, and eye procurement organizations, as well as the hospitals and patients that they serve. Its sister organization, Deutsches Institute for Zell-und Gewebeersatz – DIZG (The German Institute for Cell and Tissue Transplantation), expands its reach to patients across the globe. For more information, visit