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November 15, 2021

Kolosis BIO Announces Release of Scientific White Paper

Salt Lake City, Utah, November 15, 2021

Kolosis BIO, a privately-held pure-play orthobiologics company, announced today the completion and release of a scientific white paper studying the effects of terminal sterilization on allograft tissues.

“Our intention at Kolosis is to become a leader in advancing the science of the technologies that we represent, and this white paper is an important step in that direction,” said Collin Begley, CEO at Kolosis. “Donor quality, tissue processing, and sterilization techniques all contribute to allograft performance. While the vast majority of DBMs and fiber technologies on the market today are exposed to harsh terminal sterilization, our technologies rely on a much more natural and preservative process for removing bioburden. We believe this is a key difference in the quality of the grafts we offer caregivers and patients.”

The white paper titled, “The Effect of Irradiation Sterilization on Demineralized Bone Matrix and Allograft Tissue” outlines the current published scientific literature on the subject of allograft bone tissue and how terminal sterilization may be adversely impacting tissue architecture and biological/mechanical properties. The paper can be accessed on the Kolosis company website.

About Kolosis BIO:

Kolosis BIO is a pure-play orthobiologics company dedicated to commercializing Bold Technologies with Relentless Execution. Kolosis exclusively partners with MTF to deliver market-leading bone graft technologies in the orthopedic space. The company represents two MTF bone graft technologies; Kore Fiber, a 100% cortical fiber allograft, and Prime HD, a pre-hydrated DBM. Both grafts offer superior quality through MTF’s proprietary aseptic processing methods which optimally preserve matrix structures and osteoinductive properties. For more information visit