Kore Fiber is an aseptically processed pure cortical bone graft processed by MTF.  Kore combines exceptional inductivity data with outstanding handling characteristics in both a moldable putty and compressed strip format for surgical precision and preparation ease.

Features & Benefits

This Fiber is Inductive!

Head-to-head testing proves it: Kore Fiber has higher osteoinductivity than commercially available grafts from Medtronic, SeaSpine® , and Zimmer Biomet1

Key properties of Kore Fiber

  • Formulation composition: 100% cortical bone fibers
  • Kore Fiber’s three-dimensional architecture provides an ideal osteoconductive environment, resulting in easy cell attachment and continued binding throughout the remodeling process1
  • Both animal and bench-top studies display Kore’s powerful, dynamic spectrum of osteoinductive growth factors1
  • MTF’s proprietary aseptic processing ensures preservation of key biological matrices and vital matrix proteins1
  • Available in both Moldable Fiber and Fiber Strip formats
Kore Fiber is available off the shelf in 7 sizes:

Moldable Fiber: 1.0cc, 2.5cc, 5.0cc, and 10cc
Fiber Strip: 2.5cm x 5cm, 5cm x 5cm, and 2.5cm x 10cm

Kore Fiber is stored at ambient temperature with a three-year shelf life.

1 This information is based on MTF data on file at MTF Biologics