Our Promise:


Who We Are

Kolosis BIO is a global pure-play biologics company that exclusively represents and commercializes allograft technologies from MTF Biologics. Our promise is to provide best-in-class technologies to patients while delivering relentless responsiveness to our sales and clinical partners.

Our Philosophy

At Kolosis, we are the antithesis of the Big Company experience that you’ve come to expect in spine & orthopedics. While our competition is focused on maximizing short term returns to pump up their stock price or to attract an acquisition, we are Making Business Personal Again–because we understand that for you, some things are non-negotiable:
  • Partners who keep their word and value loyalty

  • Technologies that meet challenging clinical demands

  • Science that supports those technologies in a compelling way

  • Premium tissue processing from donor selection to final packaging

  • Powerful contracting access for your facilities and health systems

  • Unfailing responsiveness to your daily service needs

If these are priorities for you, then you’ve come to the right place.




Why Choose MTF Grafts?

MTF Biologics is a global nonprofit and physician-led organization, headquartered in Edison, New Jersey. MTF Biologics has spent more than 30 years honoring donated gifts by developing innovative, effective allograft solutions to help people heal. From orthopedics to wound care to plastic and reconstructive surgery, MTF is a force in scientific progress and patient advocacy. Kolosis BIO partners exclusively with MTF for all tissue forms.


Doing business with the highest standards of integrity is our most important value at Kolosis BIO. This applies to everything we do, and everyone that we come in contact with through our activities including business partners, employees, hospitals/care facilities, patients, and all others. This is our strict expectation for ourselves and our agents. There are no exceptions, ever.

Our reputation and success depends on it and we hold ourselves and others to the same standards. Our absolute commitment is to remain 100% compliant with Anti-Bribery, Anti-Corruption, Antitrust, and Anti-kickback laws and regulations.